Sunday, August 28, 2016

Alright. Things are starting to come together now. I really like my classmates. They're really bright and I feel like working with them is making me a better student. When I arrived at Tulane the faculty mentioned community service the first day during orientation. Considering I was already active in these types of activities and they wanted us to write blogs about this, I welcomed the community service standards laid out by this institution. I continue to volunteer with my hospice group that I have been involved with for 3+ years. I am also looking into continuing my volunteer work with the American Cancer Society (ACS) because I made lots of connections after having founded UNO's "ACS Colleges Against Cancer" chapter. Hopefully I can set up another one of those "Survivorship" meetings right here at the cancer center....some red tape to cut...we'll see.
My first activity for this semester is just a continuation of my volunteer work with Lakeside Hospice. I enjoy doing it and there's no reason for me to quit. I was visiting a patient who was terminally ill with lung cancer. He was happy to see me. I spoke with the volunteer coordinator about getting an extension cord for his television because he can't reach it from his bed. I will try to find more time to visit this patient if Roberta is in need of help.

First log: August 1st 2016
                Lakeside Hospice at Uptown Healthcare
                Visiting patient under palliative care
                3 hours

3 hours

The old days with Habitat for Humanity...I need someone to give me caulking agent!

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