Saturday, October 29, 2016

October 30th: Happy Halloween! Fall is here...which means a week in New Orleans where it's not hot and humid or cold and humid. (Things only a true native knows). Watching my friends from the northeast acclimate to the south...hehehe, priceless. What to say....hmm...we have a test coming up. We learned about all the "Pfizer riser-me too" drugs this block. Tada! 17.5 hours. We started a new class,"Cell and Molecular Pharmacology". It's not so bad. I really need to gain some lab bench experience though. My contact at the American Cancer Society tried to get me out to some activity but notified me the night before through text. Seminar was a conflict with the volunteer work but I still got a chance to continue with my hospice this month. We have these group meetings for people who lost loved ones and they sit around and discuss how they are dealing with their loss. For example, this one woman keeps a box and writes letters to her loved one and puts it in the box. Apparently the act of writing the letter seems to help them deal with the tough days when their loss is unbearable. I think understanding how the family copes with loss will make me a better physician *hopefully*. The rest of the time I spent sitting patients so the family could go out to church etc. I meet a lot of interesting people. Even a World War II vet! Awesomeness. I emailed the physical sciences teacher for SciHigh but haven't heard back. I'm not sure what is going on over there. Lakeside Hospice: sitting patients, attending support groups, miscellaneous. Total hours: 10 10/30/16