Saturday, December 10, 2016

Last blog of the semester!

December 10, 2016

Yay! Another milestone in my long academic career. One more semester and I can put some letters after my name 😜. This last entry allows me to reflect on a little more time spent volunteering for the American Cancer Society. We had the annual Luminaria ceremony over in Hope Lodge. We're building up towards Relay for Life this spring. I hope to participate in that. Present at the ceremony were some cancer survivors, staff, and friends/family members of those who lost loved ones to cancer. Unfortunately, winter cold hit and we decided to hold the ceremony indoors. I also did my usual work with the hospice organization. I got to sit another veteran, this one had Alzheimer's disease. Sitting the patient with me was a veteran of the Iraq War and another time it was a physician assistant. The PA likes what she does but believes that she should be called an associate rather than an assistant. I mentioned it to a physician and the idea really got under his skin 😈😈😈 hehehe. I wish anyone reading this happy holidays.
Total hours this semester: 34
Total hours this month: 17 (mostly hospice sitting but including time with the American Cancer Society)

ACS New Orleans headquarters on River Ridge Rd.

Luminaria bags decorated in memory of those who died of cancer.

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