Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Semester 2, Almost there.

Looks like the first exam of this semester is going to be material heavy. They've picked up the pace this semester but it looks like things are going to taper off a bit by mid-March after our NBME question cumulative final for med. pharm. I spent some time visiting people at the hospice again. This time I met another guy who was dying of cancer. I talked to him about his life. Apparently he fought in Vietnam. He explained to me how New Orleans has changed since he was a kid. I met another woman who was sharing a room. She kept thinking that her roommate was stealing things from her. Before making assumptions I spoke with the nurse. She explained to me that she had some problems with paranoia. I've actually seen this before, but in an AIDS patient. He kept telling me that the nurses weren't giving him his medications or feeding him. I looked into it. The volunteer coordinator explained to me that he was suffering from AIDS related dementia. Apparently he had tried to escape from the hospice several times. He died about a week later. I'm pretty used to seeing people I've gotten to know pass away through this work. You do what you can to lift spirits, whether it's playing poker or throwing a small party. It has been one of the most character-forming experiences of my life.

                        Total hours this month: 12
                        Total hours this semester: 12
                        Total hours this year: 46