Tuesday, February 28, 2017

February 2017

Wow. Finally a break! I've been meaning to tally last month as soon as I could. I cemented an A in my "Principles" class. The shelf exam went along with Mardis Gras. Convenient I guess 😜. Medical pharmacology will be over. Time to start preparing my application. I had to keep the volunteer work light. Plus I've earned the break. We have to attend meetings for our hospice group which I am finally tallying. This month I will be able to squeeze in more volunteer work because the NBME shelf exam is over. There is one more beast to tackle, a class called cellular control mechanisms. Overall, I say I made the right choice going with the pharmacology MS program. I learned real ACTUAL medicine. I learned how to treat diseases, and what to expect from the board exams. The coming months have been very well planned out by the faculty and we will be able to integrate time for the MCAT. This program has only solidified my decision to go into medicine. This is what I want to do.

Total this month: 2 hours
Total hours this semester: 14 hours
Total hours this year: 48

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