Friday, April 28, 2017

Last Blog of the Year's complete! My final month of volunteering has consisted of a lot of tutoring for this pre-nursing student. It was nice that I knew more renal physiology because of this program, so rather than him asking, "whats the point of this?" I could say something along the lines of: "people who are hypertensive will often be on drugs that inhibit ACE....etc.". There was also a question he had concerning water intoxication. I was able to bring up an example of a radio station that had a contest over a game console called "Hold your Wee for a Wii". Unfortunately the kid died from the contest, and it reminds me of that quote based on Paracelsus' saying: "it's dose that makes a poison". In addition to that, Dr. Mielke needed soil samples for his project and he wrote us a letter saying that we were taking part in a community service project. I spent a few hours to find good sites to get soil samples. Most of my areas were in Kenner and Metairie. There is new soil out there that has been brought in from elsewhere and doesn't contain as much lead as some of the more poor urban areas of New Orleans. We learned a lot in "Environmental Signaling". I also learned about the water that we are receiving here in New Orleans. A lot of major cities in the U.S. still use lead piping, but because of solubility properties, if the water is "hard" enough, lead won't leech into the supply. (basic solubility/saturation chemistry). Apparently, the water in Flint wasn't treated properly, and this contributed to the poisoning. So, there are some filters out there that may be wise to purchase. In general nobody here in New Orleans likes to drink the tap. A lot of people order spring water. Perhaps it's the sociologist in me that believes there is some historically ingrained distrust of government here in the south. Then again...the levees...Army corp. of enginee...anyway!
Laissez les bon temp rouler! Good luck in life!
April community service hours:17
Spring semester total community service hours: 33
2016-2017 Academic year total community service hours: 67

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